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BONDTILLI  is a UK property investment company based in London, that specializes in student property and buy-to-let property investments. It is our goal to ensure that our clients have exclusive access to the most stable and profitable investment opportunities on the market.

From city center student developments to completed and tenanted buy-to-let properties, BONDTILLI offers a wide range of properties and investment opportunities, as well as a wide range of services to help our investors in their search for their next property investment.
We have worked since our founding to establish a diverse network of trustworthy and professional specialists, from all areas of the property market.

By sourcing and creating key property investment opportunities, we contribute to the regeneration of the Northern Powerhouse and take considerable pride in our accomplishments.
With billions of pounds for regeneration, Manchester and Liverpool are undeniably the foremost cities in the current property investment market.
Not only does BONDTILLI strive to play a big part in realizing the Northern Powerhouse’s potential for the buy-to-let property, but it also pours a large portion of its investment into skills, transportation, and culture.

By carefully cultivating our relationships with our competitors, negotiating the lowest possible property prices for our clients, we create a very high potential for capital gains.

In order to earn and maintain the full trust of our clients, we subject all of our developers, and management companies to strict background checks, as well as comparable pricing, rent studies, and property title, searches in consort with local authorities. Diligence is one of our highest priorities.

Our team of professionals possesses a diverse set of skills in all areas of property investment, residential lettings, online media, banking, commercial property, recruitment, advertising, and graphic design. Combined with one of the largest teams in UK property investment and a superior client care service, we have laid a solid foundation for a dynamic future in the property investment market in the UK.

Our clients are encouraged to leave as much feedback as possible in order to improve the experience of our other and future customers, as we continue to transparently build our reputation.

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