Comparing European Golden Visa Programs: Greece, Portugal, Spain

Greece, Portugal, Spain – Your Pathway to European Residency

Embark on a journey of discovery with Bondtilli as we guide you through the intricate landscapes of Europe’s most sought-after Golden Visa programs and Citizenship by Investment. Whether you’re drawn to the historic charm of Greece, the vibrant culture of Portugal, or the dynamic spirit of Spain, our expertise is your key to unlocking a world of possibilities in the EU.

At Bondtilli, we help in comparing and contrasting the popular Golden Visa programs of the latest trending European nations, offering you a comprehensive understanding of each to help you make an informed decision. Our commitment is to provide you with a tailored experience, ensuring that your choice aligns perfectly with your lifestyle preferences, investment goals, and future aspirations.

Compare European golden visa programs and citizenship by investment

In an era where global mobility and investment go hand in hand, the Golden Visa programs of GreecePortugal, and Spain represent unique opportunities for investors and their families. At Bondtilli, we are committed to guiding you through the complexities and benefits of these diverse residency by investment
and golden visas options.

These programs offer more than just residency; they are gateways to new beginnings, rich in cultural experiences, economic opportunities, and enhanced quality of life. Whether drawn to the historic landscapes of Greece, the vibrant life in Portugal, or the diverse culture of Spain, each destination provides its own set of advantages. 

From access to world-class healthcare and education to the freedom of movement within the Schengen Area, these golden visa and citizenship by investment programs are tailored to meet the needs of discerning foreign investors, seeking a stable and prosperous future.

With Bondtilli, you embark on a journey of informed decision-making. We provide detailed insights and comparisons, ensuring that your choice of a Golden Visa program aligns perfectly with your aspirations and lifestyle goals.

Greece Golden Visa Program and EU Residency by investment

Greece’s Golden Visa Program offers an enticing pathway to residency in a country known for its rich history, stunning landscapes, and warm Mediterranean climate. At Bondtilli, we guide you through the nuances of this program, highlighting how it can be the key to unlocking investment potential, and cultural richness.

Investment Opportunities in Greece

Greece’s program is particularly attractive due to its relatively low initial investment threshold. The option to invest in real estate, starting from €250,000, opens up opportunities to own property in some of the most beautiful locations in Europe, from Athens Suburbs on the metro line to many Greek islands. This investment not only grants residency rights but also potential rental income and an asset in a country known for its tourism appeal.

Benefits Beyond Borders

The Greece Golden Visa extends beyond residency rights in Greece; it offers visa-free travel within the Schengen Area, allowing you to explore Europe with ease. Additionally, the program provides access to high-quality healthcare and education systems, making it an ideal choice for families.

A Streamlined Process

Our team at Bondtilli ensures a smooth application process, assisting you every step of the way from property selection to legal paperwork. The Greek Golden Visa process is known for its efficiency, with residency typically granted within a few months of application.

Portugal Golden Visa Program and European Citizenship by investment

Portugal’s Golden Visa Program stands out as one of the most popular and beneficial residency by investment options in Europe. Bondtilli expertly navigates you through this program, highlighting how it can be a gateway to not only a new residency but also to a life of conomic growth, and a high standard of living.

Investment Opportunities in Portugal

The Portugal Golden Visa investment program also offers diverse investment routes, including ethical investment funds starting from €500,000.  Golden Visa Portugal you can apply for Citizenship and a Portuguese Passport.

Benefits of the Portuguese Lifestyle

One of the key attractions of the Portugal: Golden Visa scheme is the potential for family inclusion, allowing you to secure a future for your loved ones in a country known for its safety, warm climate, and friendly communities. The program also offers visa-free travel within the Schengen Area and a potential path to EU citizenship after five years, subject to certain conditions.

A Seamless Application Experience

At Bondtilli, we ensure that your journey to Portuguese residency is as seamless as possible. Our team assists with everything from choosing the right investment to navigating the legalities of the application process. The Portugal Golden Visa is known for its straightforward and efficient processing, making it an attractive choice for investors worldwide

Spain Golden Visa Program

Spain’s Golden Visa Program offers a unique blend of vibrant culture, economic vitality, and diverse landscapes, making it an attractive option for investors seeking residency in Europe. Bondtilli is dedicated to guiding you through the intricacies of this program, showcasing how it can open doors to a life of excitement, opportunity, and stability in one of Europe’s most dynamic countries.

Investment Opportunities in Spain

The Spanish Golden Visa program is accessible through various investment options, including a minimum real estate investment of €500,000. This investment not only grants you residency but also the opportunity to own property in a country renowned for its beautiful cities, sunny beaches, and rich cultural heritage. Spain offers a stable real estate market with potential for growth, making it an appealing choice for investors.

Benefits of Living in Spain

Apart from residency rights, the Spanish Golden Visa allows for visa-free travel within the Schengen Area, providing a gateway to explore Europe. The program also extends benefits to family members, ensuring that your loved ones can enjoy the high quality of life that Spain offers. With access to excellent healthcare, education systems, and a thriving business environment, Spain is ideal for families, entrepreneurs, and retirees alike.

Navigating the Application Process

Bondtilli’s expertise ensures a smooth application process for the Spanish Golden Visa. We assist you in every aspect, from selecting the right investment to handling legal procedures. The process is characterised by its efficiency, with residency typically granted within a few months of application submission.

Learn about the laws around an EU golden visa

Comparative Analysis of Golden Visa Holders and Citizenship by Investment

Understanding the nuances and differences between the Golden Visa programs of Greece, Portugal, and Spain is crucial in making an informed decision. At Bondtilli, we provide a detailed comparative analysis, helping you weigh the pros and cons of each european golden visa program against your personal and investment goals.

Investment Comparison

Each country offers unique investment thresholds and types. Greece’s program is notable for its lower real estate investment requirement, while Portugal offers a range of investment options including lower thresholds in low-density areas. Spain, on the other hand, has a higher minimum investment amount threshold but offers access to a diverse and robust real estate market.

Residency and Citizenship Pathways

While all three programs provide residency rights and visa-free travel within the Schengen Area, their paths to permanent residency and citizenship vary by foreign country. Portugal’s program potentially leads to citizenship after five years, whereas Spain’s program offers permanent residence with a path to citizenship after ten years. Greece offers residency with a 7 year path to citizenship.

Family Reunification Policies

All three programs allow for family inclusion, but they differ in their definitions of dependents and the ease of the inclusion process. Greece’s program is known for its generous definition of dependents, including parents-in-law, while Portugal and Spain also offer inclusive family reunification options.

Lifestyle and Economic Stability

Each country offers a unique lifestyle and cultural experience. Greece is renowned for its historic sites and islands, Portugal for its vibrant cities and coastal towns, and Spain for its rich cultural heritage and diverse landscapes. Economically, all three countries offer stability and growth opportunities, especially in the real estate sector.

Legal and Tax Considerations

Navigating the legal and tax implications is a crucial aspect of the Golden Visa process. Bondtilli provides expert guidance on the legal procedures, tax implications, and ongoing compliance requirements in each country, ensuring that your investment is not only secure but also optimised for your financial planning.

Comparing Countries: Greece, Portugal, and Spain



Greece Golden Visa

Portugal Golden Visa

Spain Golden Visa

Investment Threshold

€250,000 in real estate

Starting from €280k for D2

€500,000 in real estate

Path to Citizenship

Possible after 7 years

Possible after 5 years

Possible after 10 years

Family Reunification

Includes spouse, children, parents, and parents-in-law

Includes spouse, children, and dependent parents

Includes spouse, children, and dependent parents

Visa-Free Travel

Within Schengen Area

Within Schengen Area

Within Schengen Area

Lifestyle and Culture

Historic sites, islands, Mediterranean climate

Vibrant cities, coastal towns, rich culture

Diverse landscapes, rich cultural heritage

Economic Stability

Growing real estate market, tourism-focused

Diverse investment options, growing economy

Robust real estate market, diverse economy

Legal and Tax Implications

Specific legal procedures and potential tax benefits

Legal procedures, NHR program benefits

Legal procedures, tax implications for investors

Case studies of people who have invested in an EU Golden visa

Which One Is Right for You?

In the journey of selecting the most suitable Golden Visa program, understanding your unique needs and aspirations is key. At Bondtilli, we believe that this decision is not just about investment; it’s about finding get a golden visa program that aligns with your lifestyle, future plans, and personal preferences. Our expertise lies in helping you navigate this decision, ensuring that the path you choose enriches your life and meets your long-term objectives.

Deep Dive into Your Personal and Professional Goals

We start with a comprehensive analysis of your personal and professional goals. Are you looking to expand your business in the European market, seeking a safe and culturally rich environment for your family, or planning a serene retirement? Each Golden Visa program offers distinct advantages, and our role is to match these with your aspirations. Whether it’s the business-friendly environment of Portugal, the rich cultural heritage of Spain, or the historic charm of Greece, we guide you towards a decision that best suits your life story.

Global Entrepreneur

A global entrepreneur, keen on expanding his business across Europe, sought a program that offered both investment opportunities and ease of travel. After consulting with Bondtilli, the Portugal Golden Visa emerged as the ideal choice. The entrepreneur appreciated Portugal’s strategic location, business-friendly environment, and the program’s flexibility in investment options. This decision not only facilitated the expansion of his business but also provided a gateway to European citizenship, enhancing his global mobility.

The Family-Focused Investor

A family-focused investor from the Middle East was searching for a safe, stable environment with access to quality education for her children. Greece’s Golden Visa program, with its lower investment threshold and inclusive family policy, was an attractive option. Bondtilli assisted in securing a property investment in Athens, which provided the family with Greek residency. This move opened doors to a high standard of living and educational opportunities for the children, all within the culturally rich backdrop of Greece.

The Retired Couple Seeking Lifestyle Change

A retired couple from the USA, looking for a lifestyle change and a warmer climate, found their answer in Spain’s Golden Visa program. They were drawn to the rich cultural life, diverse landscapes, and the healthcare system of Spain. With Bondtilli’s guidance, they invested in a coastal property, granting them Spanish residency. This investment allowed them to enjoy their retirement in a vibrant community, with the added benefit of travelling across Europe.

The Tech Innovator

A tech innovator from Asia, aiming to tap into the European market, considered various Golden Visa options. The Portugal Golden Visa stood out due to its low stay requirement and potential for business growth. Bondtilli facilitated the investment process, and the innovator was able to leverage Portugal’s growing tech ecosystem to scale his business, while also enjoying the cultural and lifestyle benefits of living in Portugal.

Schedule Your Personalised Consultation 

We understand that the decision to apply for a Golden Visa involves numerous considerations and personal circumstances. To ensure that you receive the most tailored and informed guidance, we offer interactive consultation sessions. These sessions are designed to delve into your specific needs, answer your queries, and provide you with a clear roadmap for your Golden Visa application process.

Personalised Approach to Your Golden Visa Journey

Our consultations are more than just informational sessions; they are a deep dive into your aspirations and concerns. Whether you are contemplating the investment options, wondering about the residency requirements, or have questions about the application process, our experts are here to provide you with bespoke advice. We take the time to understand your situation, offering insights and solutions that align with your individual goals.

Expertise at Your Fingertips

Our team of experts, with their extensive knowledge and experience in Golden Visa applicants and programs, will be available to you during these consultations. They will provide up-to-date information, practical advice, and strategic planning tailored to your objectives. This one-on-one interaction ensures that you have all the information and confidence you need to proceed with your Golden Visa application.

Easy and Convenient Booking

Scheduling a consultation is straightforward and can be done through our website. You can choose a time and date that suits your schedule, and we will arrange a meeting, whether it’s a phone call, a video conference, or an in-person meeting, depending on your preference and location.

FAQs - Navigating Your Golden Visa Queries

  • Greece: €250,000 in real estate.

  • Portugal: Starting from €500,000 in Funds or Less via D2 Business Visa.

  • Spain: €500,000 in real estate.

Yes, all three programs allow for family reunification, which typically includes the spouse, dependent children, and sometimes dependent parents.

  • Greece: No minimum stay required.

  • Portugal: An average of 7-14 days per year.

  • Spain: No minimum stay required for residency, but you must live there for citizenship eligibility.

  • Greece: Offers a 7 year path to citizenship.

  • Portugal: Possible after 5 years holding Residency.

  • Spain: Possible after 10 years of legal Residency.

Yes, in all three countries, you are allowed to rent out your investment property.

The processing time varies but generally takes 2-6 months from the submission of a complete application.

These programs are generally open to all non-EU, EEA, or Swiss nationals. However, it’s important to consult with Bondtilli for the most current information, as regulations can change.

Tax implications vary by country and individual circumstances. It’s advisable to seek specialised tax advice in relation to your specific situation.

The investment needs to be made with funds owned by the applicant and not through financing or loans.

Yes, Portugal and Spain offer options for business investments under their Golden Visa programs.

Bondtilli Golden Visa consultants in Europe

Your Journey Begins with Bondtilli

In the world of Golden Visas and European residency by investment, your journey towards a brighter future starts here at Bondtilli. Throughout this comparison guide, we have explored the opportunities offered by the Golden Visa investment programs of Greece, Portugal, and Spain. We’ve provided you with insights, comparisons, and case studies to help you make informed decisions that align with your aspirations.

Your Golden Visa, Your Story

Your choice of a Golden Visa program is not just an investment; it’s a life-changing decision that shapes your future and that of your loved ones. Each program offers its unique advantages, whether it’s Greece’s historic charm, Portugal’s vibrant lifestyle, or Spain’s dynamic spirit. Your selection should reflect your dreams, goals, and lifestyle preferences.

Your Trusted Partner

At Bondtilli, we are more than consultants; we are your partners in realising your global residency and investment aspirations. With deep expertise in the European Golden Visa landscape, we specialise in offering tailored solutions that match your unique needs. Our commitment is to ensure that your journey towards European residency is seamless, informed, and aligned with your personal and financial objectives.

Let’s Begin Your Journey

Your journey towards European residency and a world of opportunities awaits. Whether you’re an entrepreneur seeking business growth, a family looking for a brighter future, a retiree envisioning a peaceful life, or an investor with a strategic plan, Bondtilli is here to guide you every step of the way.

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