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6-10% NET rental income

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Built & Off plan properties

Office investment

8-12% NET for 10 years | From £35,000


Hotel investment

10% NET for 10 years | From £49,000


Care home investment

9% NET for 15 years | From £85,000


Commercial property investment 2018

PBSA Purpose built student accommodation:

Designed and built to service the university students in major cities around the UK. Planning permission is given due to an undersupply of purpose built quality housing near to campus. Local government now look to grant planning and enable student to move from often poor quality HMO houses in residential zones which are high in demand for social housing families.

The UK needs to build above 300,000 new homes per year just to keep up with demand, the government are no where near this target which means the major cities and towns have a housing crisis which puts pressure on all areas of housing including students.

PBSA  offers fully managed high yields and gives the student an amazing space to live and socialise, its a win win.

PBSA is just like buying an apartment, you get a title deed and long lease of 250 years. There is also a growing resale market where we can resell your unit at any point to another investor or even private owner who wants the unit for their child.

Care home:

Strong fundamentals combined with an ageing population in the UK has made healthcare, and in particular, care homes, a very attractive asset class for investors.

Good quality care homes with modern facilities are likely to always be close to capacity, due to a combination of factors: high demand for care home places, an imbalance between the number of care homes opened and those closed since 2011, plus pressure on the NHS to relocate elderly patients from hospitals to be cared for within the community. This supports investors’ views that care homes are a secure asset class with a consistent income stream.

Hotel investment:

Hotel room investment is a high yield low entry level investment which is managed by an expert company who also have a major financial interest in the project. You still receive a title deed of ownership and often a sub lease contract to let your room back to the hotel.

No stamp duty, fully furnished and re-sellable to another investor. Yields and room rates typically go up with inflation meaning the value of your unit will rise using a commercial valuation.

Office space:

Shared office space is an industry that has continued to grow for the last 5 years in all major cities across the UK. Flexible and affordable places to work where small companies and self employed entrepreneurs can work and socialise.

The UK has the largest amount of SME and self employed people in Europe and this is growing in all areas of business.

You are able to invest in a space in the building and receive a titled ownership of that space. The entry level is low and the yields high, and the properties are always fully managed by one company who has a financial interest in the projects success.


Why Invest in Commercial property

  • No Stamp Duty (Typically 3% on residential property)
  • Fully managed by one company
  • No owner involvement (contract often cover insurance and maintenance)
  • Yields of 8-10% NET of all costs
  • Low entry level from £49,000
  • Low risk as mostly in high demand areas like private care and hotels

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Due diligence is available on all projects. UK regulated independent solicitors on hand, who specialise in this field.

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