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Bondtilli property investment UK company is dedicated to helping our clients from all around the world invest most effectively in the property market of the UK. From the highest yielding property deals to the property investment courses, and the one to one mentorship on property investment, Bondtilli property investment company can help anyone and everyone build and manage their portfolio, as well as save them time and money on every property that they buy.


– Mark Carney and Liam Fox speeches;
– Sterling fall to its lowest;
– The fears of a no-deal Brexit;
– The chances of such scenario are increasing;
– Large scale sell-off;
– The UK propery market likely to see an influx of investment.


Following the public speeches by Mark Carney of the Bank of England and Liam Fox – a Brexit minister – last week, Sterling had fallen to its lowest level in the year of 2018. The drop had been sparked by the fears of the so called – no deal Brexit – which would see the United Kingdom leave the European Union without any previously agreed on trade deals and / or structures.
Carney has stated publicly that the chances of such scenario were increasing and that it was an – uncomfortably high – likelihood, while also stating that it would be – highly undesirable –
. Following the Carney’s statement, then came the comments from Liam Fox who has placed the likelihood of a – no deal Brexit – scenario at – roughly sixty to forty percent -.
The rhetoric had sent the Sterling tumbling down as currency experts saw the investors in the United Kingdom selling off quickly and the currency is now being reported to take in the increasing risks of the – no deal Brexit – scenario.
This has sparked a large scale sell off of investment assets in the United Kingdom, especially in currency and the sovereign debt, which has left some investors seeking safe havens for their money.
The suggestion this week is that the property market of the United Kingdom is likely to see an influx of investment made into the market which could drive up the prices, the yields, as well as the rental growth. The property market sector of the United Kingdom has long been known as a market of growth and the continual predictions that increasing numbers of people will remain in the rental accommodation sector for the longer term will only help reinforce this further.
When it comes to the property market of the United Kingdom as a whole, the growth has been steady if unspectacular but the context to that growth would be better understood in terms of the residential property market struggles in the city of London, even as the other areas of the South East region of the United Kingdom and around the capitol city continue to flourish still.
In the North West region of the United Kingdom, the North East region of the United Kingdom, the Yorkshire region of the United Kingdom, and the East Midlands region of the United Kingdom, the prices of property have been growing steadily and healthily backed up by the increasing investment and the growth in the volumes of inward migration into the aforementioned regions, most particularly from the young professionals and investors.
The off plan property in particular has seen a most pronounced flurry of activity recently with the cities such as the city of Sheffield, the city of Leeds, and the city of Manchester seeing notably high levels of construction activity in this sector, which means plenty for the investors who are seeking safer markets within the United Kingdom to get stuck into.
As the summer is drawing to a close within the upcoming six weeks, the worries over Sterling have shown no signs of slowing down and there is little reason to suspect that the migration from the currency to the property as an investment asset will slow down either.


We know that investors are usually busy, hardworking individuals who don’t have time to shift through piles of information, so we take it upon ourselves to filter through investment information and select the most crucial and valuable information for what they seek to achieve. Call Us: + 44 203 890 5333 BONDTILLI PROPERTY INVESTMENT COMPANY



Over the last fifteen years, the student accommodation property sector has experienced a rise in the demand which has coincided with the rise in the number of applicants for the universities.

The figures recorded at the UCAS have shown that over the past twelve months there has been a rise of five point one per cent to nearly six hundred thousand applicants for the 2018/19 academic year. One of the major reasons for this rise is likely to be the increasing numbers of applicants per job listing.

Investing in purpose-built student accommodation property market is seen as a sound investment.

The research which has been conducted and published by Knight Frank has reported a five per cent increase in rental growth each year for private hall operators.

Additionally, with the increase in the numbers of foreign students who are attending universities in the United Kingdom as the profile and the value of a degree acquired in the United Kingdom grows in the eyes of the world and global academia, the demand for developments in the purpose-built student accommodation property sector will continue to rise as well.


Prices of properties, and more particularly: houses, have dramatically risen in the South Eastern parts of the UK and in London.

Rent prices in these areas have also risen, but at a much slower and lesser rate.

This results in good yields on property investments in these areas being nearly impossible to achieve.

The main advantage that the Northern cities and regions have against London and the South East regions are significantly more affordable house prices. The average house price in London is an astonishing £726,169, compared to Liverpool where the average house price is a mere £152,406.

With this prices in mind, as well as the additional fees that are based on the value of the property, it should come as no surprise that in addition to achieve a good yield on a London property, the rents must be astronomical, while in Liverpool as an example this clearly is not the case.

Even higher yields can be achieved through property purchase below market value due to its significantly lower investment price.


There seems to be a general consensus amongst the property experts in the UK that the luxury properties in the city of London will the ones to take the hardest hit from the uncertainties that currently surround the UK’s property market as a whole.

One of the strategies recommended by the same experts is to consider towns and cities outside of London and the South East region of the UK instead.

The property prices in the outer regions of the UK are generally lower and the property market there has generally been less affected by the sudden hike in Stamp Duty.

The property market of the UK has always been seen as a stable investment market, to both the overseas and the domestic investors.

The political events that shook the UK in 2016 did little to destabilise the boom and bust cycles of the property market in the UK, which means that those seeking to purchase and pwn a property in the UK as a medium to long term asset should not be deterred.

Alternatively, there are certain property investment opportunities in the UK that can bypass Stamp Duty charges, such as the commercial property investments.


When purchasing a property in the United Kingdom, one of the ways to go about it is to purchase an off plan property – The term that is loosely used to describe something that is not ready yet. It can refer to a property that is currently undergoing a renovation and is not finished yet, or it can refer to a completely new build development project that has not even started yet.

One of the biggest advantages for the investor here is that, when purchasing an off plan property in this manner, they usually are able to purchase the property at a price that is discounted against the standard market value because they are purchasing something that is not yet ready.

The main disadvantage is the requirement of some additional imagination as the property is not finished just yet.

Many developers who have undertaken these renovation projects will begin to sell properties at the same moment the licensing for the renovation gets officially approved by the local municipality.

This means that even though they have not started the renovation works themselves just yet, the developers that are responsible for these projects do have all the required licenses and have set up concrete timescales to begin and finish the renovation projects.


Priced from only twenty five thousand Pounds, a loan note is one such alternative option.

As it is predominantly priced at a level which is far below that of an average buy to let property investment, the loan notes investment allows for investment in the property market of the United Kingdom by using far smaller increments.

As the property market of the United Kingdom is experiencing a shift in the geographical balance of power, the property investors from all around the world are becoming increasingly open to the idea of exploring these new markets – as well as new products – in search of higher returns.

As property market of the United Kingdom continues to be a safe haven for investors who are looking for robust returns, the evidence is mounting that a move from the city of London and to the North region of the United Kingdom is a better long term strategy.

The capital appreciation, the yields, and the overall health of industry and economy, are what is growing in the region designated for the Northern Powerhouse project, and all the stats and data suggest that the city of London is struggling to keep peace.


The recently weakened Pound has continued to draw even greater numbers of tourists, and has invited even more domestic “staycation” holidays, where the people of the UK go on holidays domestically rather than internationally, all of which has resulted in the record high occupancy rates of the hotel rooms for sale, of up to seventy seven percent.

“In 2017 the UK hotel market experienced a substantial uplift in investment activity, with investment volumes reaching five billion Pounds increasing thirty five percent year on year with over two point five billion Pounds from foreign investors”- the PWC

“UK tourist spending was expected to reach twenty five point seven billion Pounds billion by the end of 2017, a fourteen percent increase year on year and the strongest growth for five years” – the PWC

“Most commentators agree that moving forward into 2018, the UK hotel industry is set to expand even further and despite fears over Brexit negotiations, growth is forecast to continue” – the PWC.


Many UK property developers have since been looking to sell their developments off-plan, and have begun requesting stage payments for their developments.

This process has been created with the investor’s interests in mind – This new system has ensured that the investor’s funds are released to the developer’s solicitor and as such are guaranteed to be used only for actual building works as they are incurred.

The contractors are paid on a fortnightly basis, while the developer gets paid only from the surplus funds at the completion. – This ensures that the interests of the developer are aligned with the interests of the investor.

There are certain actions that investors can take in order to minimise their risk. – Making an investment into an off-plan student accommodation property development is one such example.


The Lloyd’s Bank has also announced that it allows thirty percent of its employees to work more flexibly.

Not only does the office space allow these employees to enjoy a better balance between life and work, it also reduced the bank’s overhead, thus increasing the requirement for office spaces.

The office spaces allow freelancers and entrepreneurs an opportunity to work in a professional environment, but with more flexible terms and without the need to worry about having to pay extortionate rates for their office space.

Another benefit of renting a office space, beyond the monetary savings, is the fact that the office spaces in general offer so much more than just a desk and internet connection.

– Many of these evolutionary office spaces offer educational programs, private conference rooms, sports classes, and even an unlimited supply of refreshments as well.


In 2017, AgeUK has conducted and published a research, in which they stated that 31.4% of people in the UK aged over 65 have said that television is their primary company, while 8.5% feel lonely “often or always”.

With the UK population aging, currently twenty-three percent of the UK population is over sixty five, it is safe to predict that retirement property market will be a safe and lucrative investment for years to come.

On a more sentimental note, it will provide our seniors with comfortable and safe places to enjoy their preferred activities in the company of others.

It is also worth noting that there is a limit on the available land in the UK due to the greenbelt protection and restrictive planning permission.

The outcome has two positive aspects:
–  The types of properties that are acquired for retirement property investments are conversions of stately homes which have an enchanting character and charm
– The shortage in this particular type of property and its obvious appeal drives demand far in excess of supply.


  • Prices starting from only £175,690
  • Waterside apartments with spectacular views
  • 25% deposit unit completion which is Q2 2020
  • Growth predicated at 25,8% over the next 5 years
  • Minutes from City centre and MediaCity UK
  • 1,2,3Bedroom

Investing in student accommodation in Preston city

Престон, Велика Британија
  • 218 Fully Furnished Studio Apartments
  • Prices from just £63,000
  • 10% Assured Rental for first 50 units sold!!
  • Located Directly on the University of Central Lancashire Campus
  • 9% Assured Rental Returns (after first 50 units sold)
  • 5 Year Rental Guarantee
  • 22sqft


We know that investors are usually busy, hardworking individuals who don’t have time to shift through piles of information, so we take it upon ourselves to filter through investment information and select the most crucial and valuable information for what they seek to achieve. Call Us: + 44 203 890 5333 BONDTILLI PROPERTY INVESTMENT COMPANY


Why Invest in The City of Birmingham?

If one is unsure just how much demand there is for student accommodation in the city of Birmingham, they should know that at least forty per cent of the population of the city of Birmingham is made up of people who are younger than twenty-five, which makes the city of Birmingham one of the youngest cities on the European continent.

A great portion of these students may even go on to continue living in the city of Birmingham, making this lively city their permanent home.
The United Kingdom universities typically have a global reputation that attracts considerable volumes of international students. As a result of this, the year 2015 had witnessed a record number of applicants submit their applications to commute to the United Kingdom and take home.

The city of Birmingham has been alleged to be the largest centre of higher education in the United Kingdom outside of the city of London.
This means that students are now looking beyond figures alone as they have begun demanding something with an ingenious design that will allow social groups to configure and bond. The city of Birmingham offers services which create an even wider social interaction through various events and private activities that students can partake in and enhance their overall experience.

Why Invest in The City of Bradford?

The racial and religious diversity is also high in the city of Bradford, as almost half of all Asians in the Yorkshire county region live in the city of Bradford. A white majority of sixty-nine point three per cent is one of the lowest in the United Kingdom, and the Asian minority of twenty-six point one per cent is one of the highest.

With a large student population of more than ten thousand individuals, investors are attracted to the student property investment market in the city of Bradford, beckoned by the great returns that they can deliver, as well as the constant and growing supply of tenants.

The majority city of Bradford’s international acclaim comes from the fact that it is the very first UNESCO-officiated City of Film in the world. A strong historic connection to the art of film-making has led to the city of Bradford being recognised as a legendary production and distribution capitol of film.

Why Invest in The City of Halifax?

Bondtilli now offers a growing portfolio of buy to let properties that are available for investment in the city of Halifax and its surrounding city region. If one would like to receive additional information on properties in the city of Halifax that are available to investors, they should contact us as soon as possible and receive their free online information pack.

The city of Halifax is a ‘producer city’. There are thirteen hundred manufacturing businesses in the city of Halifax that employ twenty-four thousand and seven hundred people, which accounts for twelve point eight per cent of the total number of employees in the city of Halifax, compared to only nine per cent in Great Britain as a whole.

Why Invest in The City of Liverpool?

The property scene in the city of Liverpool has been invigorated by the Liverpool ONE shopping centre project over the recent years, but it will be underpinned by an even greater number of some most fantastic projects. – These include the Chinatown project, the Baltic Triangle project, the Knowledge Quarter project, the Brownlow Hill project, the Ropewalks project, and the Liverpool Waters project. All of these can be expected to be completed and brought to the city of Liverpool fully over the upcoming ten years.

As an example, the Liverpool Waters project is based around a single-owned port that is situated in the docklands of the city of Liverpool and that will enrich the city with residential, entertainment, and retail units for the upcoming three decades at least.

While the city of Liverpool has retained both its globally famous port and its globally celebrated music scene, it has also successfully diversified its economy away from being mainly dependent on commercial shipping and heavy industry and more towards the niches that keep up with the modern, 21st century trends more.

Why Invest in The City of London?

While the property market in London has been negatively affected by the apprehension from both buyers and sellers, the rest of the UK has not suffered the same market stagnation, and is, in fact, still rich with lucrative and profitable investment opportunities.

Many investors recognise the benefits of buying into property to rent it out to the professionals who work in cities but remain reluctant about pouring their money into the unstable London market.

This makes the areas and towns surrounding the big cities the next best option for property investment. Many investors, from both the UK and from the overseas, have already caught on to this, which in turn, resulted in the property markets in these areas beginning to bloom, which then draws even more attention to them, and creates even more opportunities.

Why Invest in The City of Newcastle?

If one is looking for good locations for buy to let property market investment in the United Kingdom, the city of Newcastle should be at the top of many lists. The city of Newcastle has evolved to become a place in which industries are thriving, where investments are pouring in, and where increasing numbers of students and residents are flocking to.

All of this combined, and so much more, has made the residential property market investment in the city of Newcastle extremely attractive. The average price of property in the city centre of Newcastle comes in at an average of only one hundred seventy-four thousand four hundred and forty-nine, according to the figures which have been published by Zoopla.

However, there are many locations within and around the city of Newcastle itself that are proving to be rather popular with the buyers, and even more popular with investors as the yields may start at five per cent and have the potential to reach the heights of ten per cent.

Why Invest in The City of Preston?

It is an undeniable fact that for quite some time now there has been a tangible and quite contagious feeling of anticipation and excitement in Preston which has led an increasing number of people to move to this marvellous metropolis and its surrounding areas in order to make most of what is happening in the city at the moment.

As a matter of fact, just the surrounding region of the city of Preston already has a greater population of people aged between twenty-five and twenty-nine living there than any other singular part of the UK. It is very likely the unique culture of the city combined with impressive employment opportunities are exactly what draws so many people to the city of Preston.

These factors included, it has been foreseen that by 2036 the total population of the city of Preston will grow by staggering fifteen-point-one per cent.
There are simply almost too many reasons to be excited about the city of Preston right now.

The sea of cranes that fills up the skyline of Preston should serve as a testament to the volume of investments and constructions that are currently going in in the city, which is guaranteed to turn this magnificent northern city into a proud global centre for business.

Why Invest in The City of Sheffield?

Not unlike many other cities of the Northern region of the United Kingdom which have experienced an economical, cultural, and other forms of declines following the closures of mines and high unemployment rates that had struck them in the past, the city of Sheffield has recently been experiencing a welcome renaissance.

The investment which has been trusted into the city of Sheffield, especially the investment which has come as part of the Northern Powerhouse project, has been transforming this city into a lively and modern destination. Buy to let property market of the city of Sheffield is steadily climbing on the agenda of many potential investors.

The affordable property investment opportunities and the potential for high rental yields make the city of Sheffield one of the best places to invest in buy to let property market in the United Kingdom.

– The current average price of property in the city of Sheffield is one hundred and sixty-seven thousand Pounds;
– The national average, in comparison, is at two hundred and ninety-one thousand Pounds;
– Up to seventy thousand new jobs will open up in the city of Sheffield over the next ten years;
– The plans for a four hundred and eighty million Pounds worth retail quarter in the city of Sheffield will have an impact on the city economy by providing numerous new job opportunities;
– The HS2 high speed network is another factor that could significantly improve the property investment prospects of the city of Sheffield.



Investing in student accommodation in Preston city

Престон, Велика Британија
  • 218 Fully Furnished Studio Apartments
  • Prices from just £63,000
  • 10% Assured Rental for first 50 units sold!!
  • Located Directly on the University of Central Lancashire Campus
  • 9% Assured Rental Returns (after first 50 units sold)
  • 5 Year Rental Guarantee
  • 22sqft
  • Fantastic prices starting as low as £65,950
  • 5 Years Rental Assurance of 8% NET
  • Fully managed and furnished
  • Returns of £26,380 in the first 5 years alone
  • Extremely high demand – over 60,000 students



We know that investors are usually busy, hardworking individuals who don’t have time to shift through piles of information, so we take it upon ourselves to filter through investment information and select the most crucial and valuable information for what they seek to achieve. Call Us: + 44 203 890 5333 BONDTILLI PROPERTY INVESTMENT COMPANY

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Bondtilli has many years of experience in dealing with international investors and clients. Our skilled team of property professionals is more than happy to talk our clients through any questions they may have about investing in the property of the United Kingdom, using their expertise to find them a buy to let property investment opportunity that best fits their needs and requirements.

Bondtilli also creates property investment opportunities only in the best performing areas of the United Kingdom, such as the city of Manchester and the city of Liverpool. Our speciality is student, off-plan, and residential developments. Off-plan refers to investment property which is purchased while it is still in the construction phase.

This is what allows us to offer our clients below-market rates, and even the increased likelihood of their property growing in value over time. For a better insight into how Bondtilli can help investors with their overseas property investment, take a look at what our clients have had to say …


BONDTILLI has proven itself reliable, communicative, tenacious, and trustworthy by our clients in fighting for their interests. We know that investors are usually busy, hardworking individuals who don’t have time to shift through piles of information, so we take it upon ourselves to filter through investment information and select the most crucial and valuable information for what they seek to achieve. Our team of experts will eagerly share the knowledge they have acquired through years of experience working as property investment consultants. On top of our other services, we regularly publish property investment advice to help potential investors make informed decisions.
A dwindling pension income and the intlow erest rates that the banks are offering means that individuals are not as financially comfortable as they once were. Our clients are often trying to invest in property to assure another income as they enter retirement. Investing in property, if done wisely, provides individuals with opportunity to supplement their income, alleviating some financial stress they may face. Our team of experts sources the best investment opportunities and our consultants advise and support our clients throughout the whole process, ensuring our clients get exactly what they look for out of the whole experience.