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Student Property Sourcing Strategies

Through years of experience in working in the UK property investment market, our team of experts at Bondtilli has been able to refine our property sourcing process and formulate the most effective property sourcing strategy.

For example, when sourcing student accommodation investment projects, the fundamentals we use are based on identifying the towns and cities where the undersupply in the given type of property follows the rise in the demand. Any city or town in the UK can be subject to these trends due to a number of different factors, including Article 4 directions, an influx of new students into the city, a local university undergoing the expansion of its campus, etc. Once we have identified the optimal area for the said type of property, we begin the process of selection of the property itself. Ideally, the property would be located centrally, but still within the reach of university campuses.

The core of our property sourcing strategy is matching the emerging trends by sourcing purpose built student accommodation properties with central locations in which students typically want to live.

Times have changed, and very few students of the 21st century would settle for sharing a room in an HMO on the outskirts of the city. Today, student accommodation has become an essential selling point of the package required to attract students in a multi-billion pound globalized student market.

The ranking of the University itself has long become just one of many points potential students consider when evaluating where they wish to study. Cheap living is not satisfactory to the current student generations. Millennials want to maximize their student experience and enjoy the city in which the city in which their university is located.

At Bond Tilli, we have developed our student property sourcing strategy by recognizing this need and choosing the most desirable properties in the best possible locations, thus ensuring both high demand and low occupancy rates.

The outcome of our strategy is not only the increase in the quality of life and accommodation of students all over the UK but also the increase on the rental yields that can be achieved by our student property