Property people London & Lisbon LTD are referred to as PPLL in this document. Trading as BondTilli.com

  1. The information given in this website, brochures and associated promotional material does not constitute an offer to sell or form part of a contract. Persons viewing this website must satisfy themselves as to the correctness of the information either printed or issued verbally by PPLL, its agents, associates and employees.
  2. PPLL transfer of electronic policy requests that any e-mail and associated attachments are for authorised use by the intended recipient(s) only. It may contain confidential information and/or be subject to legal privilege and should not be copied, disclosed, retained or used by any other party. If you are not the intended recipient you should delete the email and inform the sender. No contracts or official orders shall be concluded by means of email unless backed up with a formalised signed reservation form or contract. PPLL accepts no liability for any losses caused by viruses contracted from emails sent or the website.
  3. PPLL reserves the right to make changes to the information and prices displayed on our website at any time without notice. We make every effort to ensure the content is up to date, however, we cannot guarantee that particular properties will still be available for sale when prospective purchasers travel to view.
  4. PPLL, its agents, associates or employees do not accept any liability to prospective purchasers resulting from their inability to view properties in which they may be interested due to the property being no longer available for sale, a revision of price or unforeseen circumstances.
  5. All related services offered such as asset management, finance, mortgages, furnishing, insurance, currency exchange, legal and tax advice or any other third party service are recommended in good faith only. Contracts with such parties are entirely the responsibility of the buyer and service provider and PPLL accepts no liability for them.
  6. Buyers should be aware that currency fluctuations can greatly affect the sterling price for a property and therefore we advise buyers to keep this in mind when transferring money from outside of the UK.
  7. PPLL, its agents, associates and employees are not liable for any loss which prospective buyers may incur for reasons whatsoever when attempting to buy or actually purchasing a property.
  8. Property, room and land sizes given in PPLL promotional materials or by any of its employees, associates and agents are subject to survey and it remains the responsibility of the buyer to satisfy themselves of their correctness. Title and tenure also remain the liability of the buyer and lawyer.
  9. In the majority of cases, PPLL, their agents, associates and employees receive their fee from the builders, agents or developers of a scheme. This sum also forms part of the marketing and sales budget and therefore, buyers do not pay more for a property as a result of buying through PPLL. There are occasions where a sales admin fee may be charged to the client, but this will be clearly discussed and agreed with the client beforehand.
  10. PPLL, its agents, associates or employees accept no liability and cannot be held responsible for the actions of other persons or firms it may be associated with or connected to. Investment or financial advice given by PPLL and its agents, associates or employees are intended as a guide only and buyers should seek their own expert financial, tax, insurance and mortgage advice when purchasing. PPLL is not providing financial advice under the regulations of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).
  11. PPLL nor its agents, associates and employees accept no liability whatsoever for losses, damages, compensation or personal injury resulting from viewing a property or site.
  12. PPLL, its agents, associates and employees make every effort to give purchasers reliable completion times when buying off-plan property, however delays or changes may occur and we do not accept any responsibility for such delays or changes issued by the relevant construction company. Purchaser’s contracts are with the concerned construction company and not PPLL.
  13. Reservation deposits are non-refundable unless agreed otherwise and stated on the reservation form. Once a purchaser pays a deposit and exchanges contracts with the developer or construction company such monies and subsequent payments are non-refundable unless agreed or covered within the full contract with the builder/developer. PPLL cannot be held liable for the return of any deposits or payments agreed between the buyer and developer – it is the sole responsibility of the buyer/purchaser.
  14. PPLL, its agents, associates and employees do not guarantee the selling or “flipping” of properties prior to or after completion, nor do they guarantee any profits or returns associated with such acts.
  15. Income Tax or Capital Gains Tax incurred on profits or income made on property or rental is entirely the responsibility of the buyer.
  16. PPLL, its agents, associates and employees operate as an introductory agency to help interested persons in purchasing UK investment properties from a range of developers and agents. Customer queries regarding the property purchased are dealt with by the developer or agent who issues your contract, PPLL serves only as an intermediary. Legal queries should be directed to your appointed lawyer and not PPLL, its agents, associates and employees.
  17. It is the responsibility of the buyer to inform the developer or agent, from whom the builders contracts are made out from, regarding a new change of address and contact details. If you fail to do this and the developer has no way of contacting you then you are at risk of losing the money invested in the property and the property itself.
  18. PPLL, its agents, associates and employees do not organise NIE or Fiscal numbers, bank accounts, mortgages, power of attorney, immigration advice etc. for clients.
  19. PPLL does not accept liability for statements or terms made by third parties introduced by PPLL to the buyer, nor for the mishandling of clients funds by such third parties.
  20. PPLL takes all reasonable care to ensure that the information on this website is accurate, however, we reserve the right to change information at any time and cannot guarantee its accuracy. We make no representations or warranties of any kind with respect to the website’s content, nor shall it be regarded or taken as financial advice.
  21. All materials, logos and pictures on rocinvest.co.uk and other owned websites are the ownership of PPLL and cannot be used by any other parties unless agreed by prior consent.
  22. All data collected through www.bondtilli.com remains confidential and shall not be used by anyone else. You have the right to access any data we hold about you.
  23. These terms and conditions are governed by the laws of England and Wales and the parties irrevocably submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of England and Wales.

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