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BONDTILLI  is an approachable and well-informed property investment company that sources a wide range of property including student accommodation investments, buy-to-let properties looking for income producing investments, as well as high yielding property such as hotel rooms.
BONDTILLI  boasts an extensive portfolio of property opportunities and well-researched investments that provide you with the safety and protection you need to reach your investment financial goals.
Our property specialists have years of experience and have a wealth of information to share and are eager to share it with our clients, whether they are a first time investors or property connoisseurs.

BONDTILLI Property Sourcing

Sourcing property is a time consuming activity that requires an intensive due diligence process to ensure that our clients achieve the very best outcomes. Our team methodically visits each and every off-plan property development and below market value (BMV) property that we present.
Inward investments and job reaction are the prime drivers of residential property demand, so we place a huge emphasis on sourcing the highest quality properties in areas where supply is lower than demand, making them excellent grounds for capital growth and ideal buy-to-let investments.
First time investors who seek to become our clients may need guidance in identifying the most suitable property to meet their objectives, so an experienced investment consultant is assigned to each person who has made an inquiry. Every client is different, and it is important that a member of Bond Tilli speaks to you individually about your specific investment goals. Some of our clients seek higher monthly income to supplement their retirement, while busy professionals may prefer to invest with a lower deposit and value, in order to build a property portfolio rather than prioritize immediate income.
We also source property for high net worth individuals and institutional investors. Our long term relationships with credible developers have been a keystone in creating joint venture opportunities that come to fruition.

Property investment starts with a conversation. Understanding what you are looking for is essential to help you achieve your goals and save your time by matching you with the most suitable property.