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BONDTILLI is a property investment company based in London that focuses on sourcing low cash input and fully managed property investments. Some of the main property investment classes we deal with cover, Care home investments, Buy-to-let investments, Student Accommodation Investments, HMO Investments, Golden Visa Investments, Citizenship By Investment and many Alternative Investments.

Why choose us?

BONDTILLI  has proven itself reliable, communicative, tenacious, and trustworthy by our clients in fighting for their interests. We know that investors are usually busy, hardworking individuals who don’t have time to shift through piles of information, so we take it upon ourselves to filter through investment information and select the most crucial and valuable information for what they seek to achieve. Our team of experts will eagerly share the knowledge they have acquired through years of experience working as property investment consultants. On top of our other services, we regularly publish property investment advice to help potential investors make informed decisions.
A dwindling pension income and the low-interest rates that the banks are offering means that individuals are not as financially comfortable as they once were. Our clients are often trying to invest in property to assure another income as they enter retirement. Investing in property, if done wisely, provides individuals with an opportunity to supplement their income, alleviating some financial stress they may face. Our team of experts sources the best investment opportunities and our consultants advise and support our clients throughout the whole process, ensuring our clients get exactly what they look for out of the whole experience.